Ngumi moja chali! 01:00
Hii Kali ya mwaka! 02:47
Ajali ya kujitakia? 01:19
Ajali ajali! 01:29

Ajali ajali!

Nyama ya nyoka.... 01:22


  • Lives in Dar es Salaam, 0658532351
  • I am Alli Matala, 27 years old born from southern part of Tanzania in the region of Mtwara, from poor family and I am fourth child to my family.

    I graduated Diploma of Journalism and Mass Communication.
    Formerly I was Radio presenter for three years at Pride Fm Radio, Mtwara Tanzania.

    I am a journalist, graphic designer, Radio and TV presenter, radio and TV producer.

    "In my life there are so many troubles that I am passing through some comes from forward and some come from behind, some from upside and others are from downward".

    I belive I know I can.
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